June 21, 2024

The Big Bang Theory is an incredibly popular comedy series that aired on the CBS channel for a good twelve seasons. After twelve seasons, the show and some of its most lovable TV characters, who have been entertaining viewers since 2007, bid farewell to audiences worldwide. This extremely funny series made actors like Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco household names.

The TV show is based on the fictional lives of Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who are colleagues and share an apartment in the series. Although both men are brilliant in their work as physicists and have a comprehensive understanding of the universe, their social skills are not exactly at par with their genius, especially in their interaction with people of the opposite gender. All these changes when their spontaneous next-door neighbor, Penny moves in. Even though she’s not academically inclined, her street smart skills cover up for her lack of knowledge on subjects important to the boys.

The show won ten Emmy Awards and has around 55 Emmy Award nominations worth its name, including the Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Although the sitcom initially received a lukewarm response from the audiences, it picked up after season 1 onwards. But true fans call it to be spectacular, from start to finish. However, the show producers decided to wrap up the series because Jim Parson, who played the character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, turned down a whopping $50 million for Season 13.

Where Can I Watch The Big Bang Theory, If Not on Netflix?

Although Netflix is available on Grande Communications Networks, The Big Bang Theory is not streaming on this service. Despite this piece of information being known among the show’s fan base, every year thousands still inquire if The Big Bang Theory is coming to Netflix.Fortunately, this is not an entirely lost cause and fans of the show can still stream the show. It’s just about knowing where to find it.

Warner Brothers TV distributed The Big Bang Theory, keeping streaming rights close. Anybody beyond CBS All Access, wanting to catch up with the show, can’t do so as the show isn’t available for streaming. For now, CBS’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will only be streamed on HBO Max, with an expected payment of $1 billion for the show along with ‘Two and a Half Men’.

On the other hand, Netflix DVD, the sister company of Netflix, does hold TBBT’s seasons 1 till 11 on the DVD set, which is available for rent. Viewers can watch Season 11, which was recently added to Netflix DVD’s library on September 11th. However, audiences outside the United States can stream The Big Bang Theory on Netflix.

The countries where the show is currently available include Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Thailand, to name a few. Although most of these locations carry seven seasons of the popular show, the number differs, mostly depending on where you are currently located.

For instance, fans of the show can stream from seasons 1 till 11 in the United Kingdom, with a new season added to the catalog every October. The final season, that is, Season 12 is expected to be released in September in most of the regions, outside of the U.S.

Currently, HBO Max is the only streaming TV service, where you watch the show. What is even more surprising is that this CBS original sitcom cannot currently be streamed on CBS All-Access; nonetheless, the spin-off TV series ‘Young Sheldon’ presently is.

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