July 23, 2024
Link Building Strategies

We will never tire of repeating it. SEO techniques are essential to highlight your hotel structure among the organic results. Specifically, there are internal and external factors that can affect your ranking in Google search results.

Now, let’s analyze together some link building strategies that affect, through links from external resources, for the same purpose. Links to the brand’s website are indeed very important, especially in the travel sector. These will be all the more important, relevant and authoritative is the website or portal that contains them.

Create an external blog

Surely you already have a blog on your website that deals with events in the area and experiences you can have in your hotel. But have you ever thought of writing an external travel blog that doesn’t just talk about your hotel? It’s a great way to create content of interest to tourists and, at the same time, to insert, where appropriate, links to your establishment.

What are the issues to be discussed in this case? You can describe local sights or post about topics or questions that your guests ask you frequently. An example ? Articles on how to travel with young children or pets; cycling or romantic holidays; places to see or things to do during the trip.

Placing links on industry sites

Another good idea is to put links on travel portals or tourism promotion sites in the territory that have a good reputation.

This may not directly attract you more guests, but generate connections that increase your website’s visibility on search engines. And it can really help, especially those who are just getting started with applying SEO.

If you are unsure which portals to consider, you can look at what your competitors are doing. By searching their brand on Google, you can see which external links lead to their site, or to get a more comprehensive view, you can use special software. The Backlinks Competitors feature of the SEMRush software offers just such an analysis.

Social Media Links

Finally, it is linked to an integrated strategy with social media (Facebook and Instagram in primis) including links to the services offered by the hotel and its blogs. A long-term editorial plan can help increase your hotel’s following and build an audience that is loyal and interested in updates from your organization. Content shared through this mode is more likely to be read, shared, and linked by other sites.

But that’s not all. If you write about specific topics that are of particular interest to certain communities (e.g. “surfing holidays”), it is good practice to also share this content on online social forums such as Reddit or groups on Facebook or Instagram, where it can be shared locally with like-minded readers.

However, it is important to remember that if you join these types of social communities, in addition to promoting your hotel, you will also need to be active members, to gain credibility and reliability.

In conclusion, link building has a significant weight in SEO optimization. We therefore advise you to make an operational marketing plan with constant actions in this area.

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