June 21, 2024
Overview And Guide

There are a considerable number of learning management systems (LMS) on the market. Choosing the right mix of features and options for your team may not be straightforward. Getting it wrong can be costly both in terms of time and money. When buying an LMS, selecting the right package is the first step, obtaining the right price is next. 

First, you need to think carefully about the type of LMS that’s right for your organisation. When educating students or training employees, it needs to be a good fit otherwise you’ll sign up for a system that won’t meet your objectives. If it’s underpowered or over-engineered, either way, you’ll simply waste money.

What you need from an LMS depends on the nature of your business: education, health, retail or corporate. The difference in features can be significant and as a consequence, the pricing models are equally varied. TalentLMS is a learning management system that offers a great solution for many types of small and midsize businesses. Let’s take a look at some of what it offers, as well as TalentLMS pricing.

First of all, because the system is cloud-based it is readily available without the need for infrastructure or local support (they do that for you). Both you and your students can access it from anywhere, on any browser, on any device at any time. It also allows you to import content from external sources, and re-purpose existing learning materials. 

TalentLMS is fully customisable which is a win for both students and course managers. Right from the start you can focus on delivering learning modules where they’re needed, and provide guidance and support along the way. Inbuilt reporting lets you monitor student performance and activity, measure their progress and tweak training programs accordingly. There are many other features such as blended and social learning, reporting integration, personalised learning paths and content development. There’s also the built-in benefit of TalentLibrary, a resource of ready-made courses on soft skills training.

The IT team will be happy to learn that TalentLMS uses a robust infrastructure for data storage. The software is constantly updated while technical measures ensure the security, availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data. Credit card data encryption offers bank-grade security, and TalentLMS conforms to national data privacy regulations.

Finally, let’s look at TalentLMS pricing. First up, it’s free! Great price right? Well, yes, and it’s ideal for helping you work out if this LMS is the one you need. Sign up, and put it through its paces. Like most SaaS packages, the ongoing cost depends on how many accounts you’ll have access to the system. The good news is that they offer a number of plans and the pricing schedule for TalentLMS scale down very quickly – the more users you have, the less you pay per student. Plus it’s adaptable; you can upgrade or downgrade at any time as your needs change.

We can’t overstate the benefit of trialling a system like TalentLMS, working out how the features will benefit your students and your organisation. But first, work out what you want from an LMS. Do your homework, and ask questions.

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