April 17, 2024
Business Website ADA Compliant

In the USA, about 26% of the population of the nation live with some form of disability, and like you, they also deserve equal access to your business site seamlessly. Web access to users makes sense even from the point of business as they have an income and money to spend on products or services you offer. Today, web accessibility is a legal mandate. If you fail to comply with the laws and the guidelines under the ADA and WCAG regulations, your company will be subject to litigation and hefty fines for non-compliance.

Banking on Accessi Be solves the problem

AccessiBe is a leading name in the world of web accessibility today. It is known for its affordability, ease of use, and functionality for both the business owner and the visitor. Besides, it protects your business against ADA lawsuits, as suing your accessible site without ADA compliance is undoubtedly not worth the money or effort.

This tool is equipped with artificial intelligence technology, and so it helps the site remain fully compliant round-the-clock. Even if you upload new content, the site will scan it, and in 48 hours, you will get a compliance certificate and an accessibility statement.

Installation of the tool is simple and quick for your business. All you need to do is take a line of the JavaScript code sent to you and embed it in your site. Once the installation process is over, you will have the tool up and running.

It operates silently in the background and never interferes with your site’s browsing experience or speed. It ensures every user, irrespective of ability, gets a seamless navigation experience with your site round-the-clock!

Get litigation support in the event of law suits 

As a business site owner, you must ensure it is ADA compliant, or your company will receive a notice from a legal firm or be sued for settlement. When you download and install Accessi Be, lawsuits will not be stopped altogether as in the USA; they can be filed for any reason; however, what you get from the company is a Litigation Support Package that will help you to defend your case and not incur penalties.

How does this work?

You will get support for litigation from the Company representatives, who will complete an audit process for you. You will get a form letter that you can send back to the legal firm that gave you the notice, along with your purchase invoice and the statement of web accessibility. This will prove that your site complies with ADA guidelines and has no accessibility issues.

As of now, no customer has been sued for ADA non-compliance after using AccessiBehowever, in the USA, anything can happen, so to give you assurance and the peace of mind that in case litigation does surface for non-accessibility, you are protected. In short, you not only increase sales opportunities to the targeted audience, but you can also legally safeguard your site from lawsuits that allege non-compliance with ADA rules with success!

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