July 23, 2024
home automation

Having a house capable of carrying out certain tasks without any intervention on your part is no longer a fiction. Home automation is now more accessible to individuals. It offers multiple possibilities, from simple lighting to home security. How to integrate home automation into your home?

Home automation under construction or renovation?

One of the bases for the success of a home automation installation is anticipation . This is essential in order to avoid incessantly redoing work when integrating new elements. The home automation installation must be scalable . It is possible to automate your home, whether under construction or renovation. But if you opt for a wired home automation system, it is best to intervene in construction or in-depth renovation. In the case of a home automation installation without breaking the walls, you can always choose the wireless system. In any case, it is necessary to clearly determine your desires and needs .before embarking on the work or the purchase of the various elements of home automation. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you want such an installation?
  • How can an automated home help you?
  • What are your priorities ? Energy saving, protection or better comfort?

Wired or wireless system?

Home automation can be wired and wireless. Each of its systems has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Wired home automation system  : the installation is done during the construction of the house or its in-depth renovation. This system uses three types of cables: electrical, computer and telephone. The work is therefore more important and expensive when installing such a system. However, the wired home automation system is more reliable and secure. There is no wave radiation and you won’t have to change cell batteries.
  • Wireless home automation system  : its installation is easier to implement and is less expensive. The various elements communicate with each other by infrared or radio waves. The ease of use and mobility of this system are also part of its strengths. However, its range is more limited and the system requires regular maintenance if we only mention the changing of the batteries of certain components.

Once the system has been installed, you can proceed to purchase your various home automation devices. To make your choice easier, you can rely on the tests and comparisons carried out by 

Which apps to choose?

Home automation can be applied to different areas such as:

  • Securing your home  : you can control your alarms and surveillance cameras remotely, install connected doors and gates, etc.
  • Management of energy consumption  : you have the possibility of programming the lighting of your house, your heating and your taps.
  • Controlling your comfort equipment  : opening and closing your roller shutters, ventilation management.
  • The control of your household appliances, multimedia and hifi .

But to benefit from an installation that really meets your needs, it is better to call on a professiona

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